Want to make an Easter bonnet but found yourself short on time – or just don't want it to take for ever? We've got 5 brilliant, child-friendly ideas here.


Each Easter bonnet is easy to make (we know, we've tried and tested them) with our step-by-step pics and instructions – and our links to the best places to get the materials you need.

Don't worry, though, if you can't get all the materials we suggest: most can be replaced with something else you have round the house. So, if you don't have tissue paper, for example, you can use normal paper or newspaper.

Get that sticky tape out and take your pick...

If your child is not a fan of chocolate or they just get too much of it as Easter, take a look at our best non-chocolate Easter gifts.

Here's our pick of the best easy Easter bonnet ideas

1. The bunny rabbit bonnet

homemade bunny rabbit Easter bonnet

A lovely, fluffy, rabbity Easter hat, made with cotton wool balls, card and pipe cleaners.

2. The incredible floral Easter bonnet

homemade floral easter bonnet

Full-on flowery bonnet coverage, using tissue paper, pipe cleaners and buttons.

3. The hatching chick bonnet

Hatching chick homemade Easter bonnet

An Easter hat to make everyone 'crack' a smile, created with tissue paper, paper plates, card and googly eyes.

4. The giant carrot and bunny Easter bonnet

carrot easter bonnet step by step

A fun, quirky bonnet, made very easily with card, tissue paper, a little elastic and a bunny soft toy.

5. The grassy-topped chick's nest Easter bonnet

homemade chick's nest Easter bonnet

A bright, pile-those-decorations-high bonnet, made tissue paper, card, chocolate eggs and Easter bits and pieces.

And if you haven't got a hat to hand...

The bunnies round the brim Easter bonnet

With this Easter bonnet, you make the actual hat yourself out of cardboard (our instructions include a full video, so you can see how) and then decorate it with tissue paper and cut-out bunnies bunny decorations.

Oh, and if you'd rather make an Easter headband...

Easter bunny headband

how to make an Easter bunny headband

Follow our step-by-step instructions (with video guide) to make a headband all Easter-y with cardboard and felt.


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