Our MadeForMums Pregnancy forum and Birth Clubs forum are where you can come to chat to other parents-to-be about the ups and downs of pregnancy, as you experience the amazing process of growing a new life inside you. It's where you can come to celebrate the things that are going great; it's where you can come to have a moan about the things that aren't.


Both forums are places where you can make friends with others who are pregnant at the same time as you, compare symptoms, ask each other questions, share advice and find some really great support, as you all journey together through the next 9 months.

I'm just glad for places like this where we can all chat together and support one another
MrsP13, MadeForMums forum poster

So, we know we're biased but we think our MadeForMums Pregnancy and Birth Clubs forums are the best forums out there because they're...

  • Managed and moderated by parents who care. Our Community Managers are mums who've been there and understand. They take a personal interest in welcoming you as a a new member, signposting you to great threads and trusted sources of advice and alerting you to product tests and Baby Show discounts
  • Safe spaces. Unlike a Facebook group, you can post under an anonymous user name. So, even from the earliest days of pregnancy, you can join in and share experiences without worrying that family and friends will find out about the baby you're expecting before you're ready to tell them.
  • Supportive and friendly. Our forums are warm, caring and supportive places. It doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are, what you situation is, you'll find others who want to help and encourage you. We don't allow nasty comments, spammers or personal attacks – we're all in this pregnancy 'thing' together and we think the least we can do is show each other some proper respect.
Thank you for this forum! As a first-time mum and the first of our friendship and family groups to have a baby, I've really appreciated the support network
Melona86, MadeForMums forum poster

Join one of our Birth Club forums

pregnant women posting in birth clubs forum

If you're newly pregnant (congratulations!), we'd love to see you in our Birth Clubs forums. There, you can meet and chat with other women at the same stage of pregnancy as you, and share your 9-month journey together right up to the birth – and beyond! We're really not kidding: the women from our January 2010 Birth Club formed such a tight bond, they still meet up in real life over a decade later!

Here's how to find our current Birth Clubs:

It may sound silly but I honestly don’t know what I’d have done at times without the group of friends I’ve made on our Birth Club thread. The whole positive vibe that this forum offers and the very involved support team make it a happy place. It’s refreshing to be part of a community of women that NEVER judge one another. We are all in different situations and face different challenges but that’s all OK. Not one mother and not one baby are the same but there’s nothing nicer than knowing that you’re not alone on this unpredictable journey
Chlooe93, MadeForMums forum poster

Browse or post in our Pregnancy forum

For more general pregnancy chat – anything from 'What were your early pregnancy symptoms?' and 'When do you stop looking fat and start looking pregnant?' to 'What did you feel like before going into labour?' – you can browse and post in our Pregnancy forum.

It's broken down into 4 sections:

So glad I stumbled across this site when I was 6 weeks pregnant and just needed some reassurance. It helped me from the very start and I'm sure we will all continue supporting each other and just being there for a moan, if needed
Firstandexcited1406surprise, MadeForMums forum poster

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